If You Don't Have Thigh High Rubber Boots in Venice, You're Gonna Have a Bad Day...

From Malta, after a week and a half and a changed flight plan because we loved Malta that much and wanted to stay longer, we made our way to northern Italy in preparation for Mickey to judge a Spider Slacklines trickline competition in Modena, Italy. With my knee, I could barely walk at this point, so for the first four days we holed ourself up in our friend's vacant rental property in Milan, and did a lot of cooking, juggling, and watching movies. After Milano, Verona, Modena, and Trento, Mickey and I rolled in on the train to Venice. Things I didn't know about Venice include:

1) Venice is a city without cars... did you know that?? Why didn't I know that? Not only are cars not allowed in the city, but neither are bicycles or motos (Not that Mickey and I were itching to ride another moto at this point). The only modes of transportation are walking, and boats.

2) Screw Dubai, the first manmade island in the world is actually Venice. Back around 100 AD, people living in the region of Veneto booted out some local fisherman living in the marshland there, and constructed a series of ~180 separate small islands, supported by - get this - wooden poles submerged in water that support the entire foundation of the city. I guess the wooden pillars are from a wood that's already naturally water resistant, and underneath the foundation of the city, it's an extremely oxygen poor environment, so the wooden pillars don't rot quickly at all.

3) During high water season, which I'm told is a period of a couple weeks in the fall, the entire city floods. I'm talking nearly every walkway throughout the city. If your a smart local Venetian, you own a tall pair of rubber boots. Thing is, we were there during high water season, and didn't have any high rubber boots. As is such, we spent a hell of a lot of time rolling up our pants, taking off our shoes, and wading barefoot throughout the cold, kinda rank water of Venice. The cold and the dirtiness were extremely effectively dulled to our senses by copious amounts of red wine from the Veneto region and lots of fun Italian friends.