Never Overlook Your Bank Card Expiration While Traveling. Also: Mothers Are Awesome

In the days after the workshop in Provence, I had planned to make my way to Lyon to visit the slackliners there. After a night spent in Avignon, the former residence of the Pope before Vatican City, I made my way via ride-shares to the city of Lyon. Lyon is similar to Paris in that the city center features similar old buildings and churches, but the feeling of the town is much more peaceful and relaxed in general, and there are always people bicycling and running along the paths next to the Rhone river and the Saone (sp?) river. I spent three incredibly fun days slacklining, climbing, walking on a short gym highline, and wakeboarding for the first time with slackliners Olivier Grand and Marine Ducoux of Lyon, all while fighting off a very nasty cold. The last day of my time in Lyon, we all decided to treat ourselves to a night out eating Lyonnais food, as the city of Lyon is known for its food. As the delicious meal came to a close, I began rummaging around in my wallet, searching in vain for my wallet that was clearly not there. Olivier graciously covered my meal, as the whole way back to his apartment I hoped that I would find it in the apartment so that I could find an ATM and pay Olivier back. To my relief the wallet was where I had left it in the apartment, and I excused myself to go find the nearest ATM, which after the ceremonious process of entering my PIN and choosing an amount, spit my card back out at me disgustedly, informing me that the card in question was expired. Indignant, I interrogated the card in my hand and indeed, it had expired at the end of September, and it was now October 2nd or 3rd. Who doesn't realize their card is scheduled to expire in the middle of their Europe trip? Apparently me. I'm not sure how people who qualify as space chickens ever traveled before the existence of iPhones and Wifi, because I immediately called up my mother, who dropped everything she was doing and wired me money to France, and went to the nearest Wells Fargo branch to pick up a temporary ATM card to send to me in expedited mail to Europe. I'm also not sure how people traveled before mothers. That would have been a nightmare.