What To Do After Jumping on Tiny Trampolines 30ft Above Sicilian Streets? Crash a Motor Bike.

After another massive travel day from the countryside of UK all the way to the Italian island of Sicily, I finally arrived in Catania to meet up with Mickey. He had arrived here earlier the same day for his tricklining competition, Red Bull Airlines, which is just nuts. five or six tricklines strung up over a massive Bag Jump, and the competitors must trickline a good 30 feet in the air without falling off. Mickey ended up winning third place after a fair fight (and arguably better fight, but take that up with the judges...), and we closed out the night with a fabulous dinner sponsored by Red Bull and a rowdy party. Note to travlers: Don't take the bus back to the hotel alone at 5am. You might meet some unkindly characters in the alleyway while stumbling toward your comfortable bed, and end up being relieved of your expensive cell phones. Mickey learned this the hard way. We had a lunch date with the Catania police the next day. 

After spending some time recuperating in Catania (Mickey's knee was pretty injured after the competition), Mickey and I took the ferry south from Sicily to Malta. If you've never heard of Malta, it's a set of three tiny islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and it's literally paradise. Think sunny, warm, ancient cities, turquoise water perfect for swimming, cliff diving, swimming into and through caves, crazy rock formations, etc. We stayed in the most amazing hostel called Hostel Malti, a four story hostel run by two really awesome guys, and a badass rooftop where they make homemade sangria and throw barbecues every Saturday night. We adventured all over the island as best we could with Mickey's injured knee, putting up an awesome primitive waterline over this beautiful swimming bay called St. Peter's Pool, and going cliff jumping and swimming in caves on the island of Comino at the Crystal Lagoon (For movie nerds, part of the Count of Monte Christo was filmed on Comino, the watch tower there was the Chateau d'If, and they actually threw a dude off the cliffs in a body bag, ouch). Overall though, Mickey was having a really hard time getting around, so we decided that it was the best idea in the world to rent a motor scooter and take a little bit of a road trip around the island. Several people advised against it because Maltese drivers are literally insane. We kind of just brushed this off. For the first 45 minutes of renting the motor scooter, speeding down the motorway, we felt on top of the world! We finally made it to our destination, Mdina, the oldest city in Malta. We pulled up to the parking for the city, and found ourselves stopped behind a tourist bus. Naturally, taking a cue from all the other insane motorists, we decided to pass the bus on the right. Cars were speeding by, and Mickey picked the supposed opportune moment to peel out and try and pass the bus. We tried to accelerate too fast, however, and lost control of the moto, tipped over, and slid along the pavement for a good three meters, and into the curb. Luckily, we weren't going that fast yet, so our injuries weren't too bad. The worst casualties were my ripped and bloodied space leggings and the totally trashed plastic and fiber glass paneling on the side of the moto (yeah, we definitely owed the rental company some extra money).