Slacklining is the art of balancing and walking on a flat piece of webbing anchored between two anchor points (oftentimes trees). Slacklines range from very low to the ground and short, to very long slacklines hundreds of vertical feet over the ground. Slacklining differs from tightrope walking in that the slackline webbing is flat and made of nylon and/or polyester, is not rigged so as to be taut, and does not utilize a pole for balance. I offer beginner and intermediate slackline instruction as well as safe rigging practices. 

Specific Workshop Offerings:
These may be taught as a single class or as a series

  • Slackline Fundamentals 
  • The Next Step: Intermediate Slacklining
  • Monkey School: Longline and Highline Mounts
  • SlackScience 101: Safe Slackline Rigging Practices 


Yoga is an ancient science and art of connection. This includes connection with yourself, your breath, your community, nature, your environment, and the world as a whole. Anyone of any fitness level and age can do yoga, and oftentimes practicing yoga does not involve any physical exercises or postures. My yoga instruction focuses on connecting with your breath and how it relates to your body, developing mental and emotional strength and focus, and tapping into your intrinsic and intuitive movement. My yoga is about the balacne between dancing and stillness, not just with your body, but with your breath, mind, and soul. I offer private and group yoga for all levels in many desired styles. 

Specific Workshop Offerings:
These may be taught as a single class or as a series

  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • The Art of Balancing: Yoga to Improve Balance
  • Handstand Bootcamp
  • Satsang: Yoga of Togetherness
  • An Odyssey Through Yoga Hand Balancing
  • Ultimate Relaxation Yoga
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Yoga: Yoga Privates to Meet Your Goals 


Acroyoga is a partner activity in which you and your partner in tandem build strength, flexibility, coordination, body awareness, and trust. Acroyoga instruction can be adapted to all levels of ability and physical fitness, and can help immensely in building a trusting community focused on play, trust, and communication. I offer beginner and intermediate acroyoga instruction for an individual, or for a pair wishing to practice acroyoga together. 
Ask my about my group Acroyoga classes as well! 

Specific Workshop Offerings:
These may be taught as a single class or as a series. All of the offerings below may be modified to satisfy a beginner, intermediate, or advanced audience. 

  • Learn To Fly! Intro to AcroYoga
  • Invert Your Perspective: Inversions in Acro
  • AcroDance
  • Find Your Center: Asymmetrical Acroyoga
  • Find Your Flow With Acro: Acro Washing Machines
  • Exploring Vulnerability: Trust, Connection, and Communication through Acroyoga
  • Acrobat Conditioning: Get the Body and Mind of an Acrobat! 
  • Thai Fly: Therapeutic Acroyoga 

Thai Yoga Therapy Bodyworking

The ancient art of Nuad Boran (Thai Yoga Therapy) aims to recenter the body and mind, release stress and tension, and promote good health. It differs from other bodyworking practices in that it is performed on the ground. Many describe this style as passive yoga stretches combined with massage.